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Entrepreneurs from all over the world gather here to connect and grow.

This is the "hub" for startups.

What's great about this?

- Register now, and you can get free business support at any time.

- Wide range of support from the idea stage to overseas expansion

- A network of over 50 mentors from around the world

Who’s this for?

- Startup founders who want to accelerate the growth of their business

- Entrepreneurs who want support to give shape to their ideas

- Country managers of overseas startups who want to expand into Japan

3 Easy Steps! Get free mentoring now!

1. Sign up(opens in new tab) now! Don't forget to add your startup information.

2. Booking from the dashboard(opens in new tab): Click on "STEP (2) Book your initial mentoring".

3. Receive initial mentoring: Share your business progress and challenges via video meetings.

From here, we will introduce you to mentors, support resources, and business opportunities that match your business and challenges.

What’s in it for me?

1. Communicate

People(opens in new tab): Visualize founders skills and experience

Startups(opens in new tab): Promote your company's profile and business progress

Win(opens in new tab): Share the highlights that you experience while your startup progresses

2. Connect

Mentors(opens in new tab): Over 50 mentors ready to turbocharge your growth

People(opens in new tab): Friendly competition among highly motivated entrepreneurs

Jobs(opens in new tab): Post job openings to recruit new team members

3. Learn & Grow

Mentors(opens in new tab): Solve problems in individual or group sessions

Resources(opens in new tab): Access useful and valuable information for startups

Discussions(opens in new tab): Ask questions and discuss topics that interest you

4. Find

Program(opens in new tab): Find and apply for accelerators, grants, etc.

Event(opens in new tab): Discover startup-related events in Japan

Coworking Space:(opens in new tab)** Explore coworking spaces in Japan**

5. Know

News(opens in new tab): Stay on top of the latest updates in the ecosystem

Newsletter: Receive periodic updates from us via email


KOBE STARTUP HUB is Kobe City's official portal site for startups and is operated by Innovation Dojo Japan (IDJ), an organization specializing in innovation support.

Startups that register on this site can connect with mentors, resources, and business opportunities provided by Kobe City, IDJ, and other supporters through the Global Mentorship Program operated by IDJ on behalf of Kobe City.